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Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. If you have a great product, it must be accompanied with the right marketing techniques. Let us do it for you!

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Our core software development team offers product engineering solutions, services and platforms using not just cutting-edge technology but also the innovative concept.

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What is Innovative Solutions 4 U ?

Innovative Solutions 4 U is a start-up that evolved during the pandemic understanding the several needs of the hour. A group of like-minded professionals who have been addicted to innovation joined hands perform and serve differently yet effectively. The innovations are attributed to an average 16 years of experience of most of the innovators from various industries and diverse professional background. The team comprises of a fusion of experienced innovators and young and fresh trailblazers.

The innovations are seeded in the fields of logistics, trading and sourcing, software development, digital marketing, e-learning, to name the most counted few, among many other sub-innovations!

  • The Innovation and Solution!
  • Concept and Strategy!
  • Development and Implementation!
  • High-yielding results!

Business Integration:
Right Eggs in the Right Basket!

It is during the pandemic that we have realised that all the businesses are interconnected and intertwined. There is a need that the businesses are integrated. The best way to integrate businesses is through technology.

Our expert products team and specialist programmers have added the right tinge of technology wherever required the most.

Data integration is the process of combining data from many different sources. It is used for analysis, business intelligence, reporting.

We align with the latest technology, data analytics and research.

With merited usage and study of Machine Artificial and Artificial Intelligence powered outputs, we are working towards a sheer blockchain.

Our team is here to support and optmise such data integration tools.

Your Security Our Priority

  • Protection from disclosure
  • Protection from alteration
  • Protection from destruction
  • Oversee and audit the website visits and requests
  • Assess requester rights
  • Build and maintain historical evidence
  • Management of configuration, errors, and exceptions